In September 2019 GM Dan Anderson, 10th  Dan Karate and 9th Dan Arnis, taught a Karate seminar in Paderborn and an Arnis seminar in Dortmund.
The topics of the Arnis seminar were functional twirling as well as 6 count drill with grabbing.

There were 2 videos porduced from the Arnis seminar.

Here the information about the  functional twirling video

52 minutes, 13,90 €

Functional twirling with Dan Anderson

Here the information about the 6 count with grabbing video

48 minutes, 13,90 €

Dan Anderson teaches 6-count with grabbing

Here the information about the Dan Anderson Arnis offer

52 + 60 minutes, 24,90 €

Functional twirling and 6 count drill with grabbing by GM Dan Anderson