Black weekend download-offers in english: November 25th to 7th 2022

Here you find all black weekend offers from Abanico.
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All download-videos in english.
Prices outside the EU are cheaper, because the VAT is automatically deducted.

Modern Arnis Tapi-Tapi: 7 videos

69,99 € instead of 79,99 €

Tapi-Tapi offer: 7 videos

Modern Arnis Tapi-Tapi: complete DAV student program and 6 A-LOT videos on Tapi-Tapi


Inayan System of Eskrima: 11 videos

169,99 € instead of 199,99 €

Inayan Angebot

11 Videos about the Inayan System of Eskrima by Mike Inay and Emanuel Hart











Jeet Kune Do: 7 videos

99,99 € instead of 129,90 €

Jeet Kune Do Angebot

7 videos about Jeet Kune Do by Bob Breen











Filipino Grandmasters: 5 videos

74,99 € instead of 89,90 €

Modern Arnis - Filipino GMs

Offer: 5 videos with filipino Modern Arnis Grandmasters


Police-Tonfa: 3 videos

43,99 € instead of 53,90 €

Police Tonfa: 3 videos