DAV-Europe-Seminar – Vol. 1

This is  the first video about the DAV-Europe seminar, that took place in September 2022 in Dortmund.

It shows the comlete training of the first day.

The DAV had invited the representatives of 4 countries, to share their skills with the participants.

About 80 participants from France, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Germany came to train Modern Arnis.

The instructors were:

Senior Guro Tomáš Severa, 3rd Dan, Czech Republic
Senior Guro Zoltán Turek, 5th Dan, Hungary
Senior Guro Laurent Hit, 5th Dan, France
GM Datu Dieter Knüttel, 10th Dan, Germany.

The instructon was excellent and gave the participants new ideas and insights into their Modern Arnis.

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DAV-Europe-Seminar - Vol. 1

Modern Arnis from the leading experts of the DAV in Europe: Senior Guro Laurent Hit Senior Guro Zoltán Turek Senior Guro Tomáš Severa GM Datu Dieter Knüttel

Running time 54 minutes