Fred Shadian offer

In September 2019 Senior Master Fred Shadian taught 5 seminars in Germany.

The topics were Modern Arnis Balintawak and realistic LockFlow.

2 Videos have been issued about the seminars.


Here you find information about Modern Arnis Balintawak

81 minutes, 13,90 €

Shadian-Modern Arnis Balintawak- en

Shadian-Modern Arnis Balintawak- en

Here you find information about the  Realistic LockFlow

73 minutes, 13,90 €

Realistic LockFlows

Fred Shadian teaches realistic LockFlows


Here you can get both videos ar: Shadian offer

81 + 72 minutes: only 24,90 €

Fred Shadian offer

Modern Arnis Balintawak and Realistic LockFlow


Language: english and german – download
Author: Senior Master Fred Shadian
Producer: ABANICO