Best of the West – Alle 6 Videos – Download – EN

The “Best of the West” camp with 5 modern Arnis masters of the West with over 200 participants in one of the largest modern Arnis events worldwide.
Mott B. Zawilinski, GM D. Anderson, GM Datu D. Knüttel, MoTT C. Gauss and GM Datu T. Hartman have set up at the fantastic event organized by DAV and D. Knüttel.

Here the destcription of the videos from the Grandmasters

Best of the West – Download offer

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Best of the West - Alle 6 Videos

All 6 videos  about the Best of the West Modern Arnis Camp

Best of the West – all 6 videos – download – EN

Language: English – download
Duration (min.): 562