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Suro Mike Inay

Mangisursuro Mike Inay

About Datu Dieter Knüttel from Suro Mike Inay, San Jose, Kalifornien, USA

Hello All,

I must say that Dieter is a craftsman when it comes to setting up, filming, organizing, and editing video productions.
If anyone would like to have a good video done, and if he is willing, I strongly recommend Dieter. He is a professional producer with over 65 martial arts videos to his credit.
Granted that most of the people he has filmed are European, his quality is still excellent.

I do not usually speak of people publicly, as I feel there can be to many misinterpretations. But I would like to say that Dieter is also a craftsman in his art of Modern Arnis. I have watched him instruct on many occasions and he does so with the enthusiasm and intensity of one who believes in his art. His exuberance is sometimes contagious. He is a Master in his own right, and it is a pleasure see him working. Its nice to be able to teach and share with someone that is comfortable in his own style and is still willing to learn from other styles, without worrying about political repercussions or making it a political issue.