Manfred Rogalla


Manfred Rogalla

Manfred Rogalla
5. Dan Goju Ryu Yoishinkan
1. Klase Modern Arnis

Why do I train Modern Arnis in the DAV by Manfred Rogalla

Only by chance did I come into contact with Moden Arnis. Up until 4 years ago, I was strictly practicing Goju Ryu Karate. I was active in the German Karate Association as referee, and in my club as member of the board of directors as well as an instructor.

When my club was liquidated in 2003, I grabbed the chance to train in something on the side just for myself. (As an instructor, one hardly has the time to train for oneself). That was when I decided to start with the Modern Arnis training. This plan changed rapidly in such a way that I reduced the karate training and, instead, intensified the Modern Arnis training.

What impressed me and continues to do so are the following:

1. Training a martial art, one that is still seen as such and not as a sport which trains only a few movement patterns that work well in competition. One that encompasses comprehensively all aspects af a martial art, especially versatility and coordination abilities. I recognized and continue to recognize elements similar what we used to train before but which have gotten lost in Karate as a consequence of changing towards an almost purely sportive orientation of the style. Especially interesting for me are the new areas of stick, knife and other weapons, as well as the empty hands that we practice in Modern Arnis, all of which entail new elements and types of movements for me.

2. The intelligent examination program. The progression of the requirements and the degrees of difficulty in the various areas, in the sense of perpetuating the student depending on his abilities and capacities. After each grading, one gets the feeling of starting again from the beginning.

3. The way in which the training is conducted. The importance of achievements is not neglected in the training, but this is done without the pressure of a competitive way. (I come from the competition arena wherein team competition is also found in the normal training.) The spirit is always good even in large seminars and not geared towards winning, but rather towards helping each other in learning the techniques. Every one can choose for himself how intensively he wants to train.

4. Having the possibility to train under and learn from, in my opinion, one of the world’s best Modern Arnis instructors: Datu Dieter Knuettel. He always has a fitting answer, a technic, a movement or tactic for solving a given problem accordingly and appropriately.

I hope that from the side of the DAV, our club and my health, I will continue to have the chance for many more years of training in Modern Arnis.