GM Bobby Taboada


Bobby Taboada

Bobby Taboada
Grandmaster Balintawak Escrima

Hello Datu Dieter

you are a true martial artist, you are showing your loyalty to the late GM Rremy Presas.
It is very hard to find people like you.
You doing your best to promote the art of your grandmaster. And for me, you are a very good example to the world and also the rest of the Modern Arnis community.

I was a friend of your master, he was my mentor and a father of my wedding. He gave me a lot of advices for life and mostly for the martial arts and they really work.
This is also what I teach and advice to my students or none students through out the world.

If our grandmasters were still alive today, they would be very happy watching us promoting their art.
Datu Dieter, keep the art alive, keep doing of what you do and always be good example.

On behalf of my friend GM Remy, thank you for making the art more grow.

GM Bobby Taboada