• At the 22nd and 23rd of May 2009 the 17th “Hall of Fame” of the “Word Head of Family Sokleship Council”, WHFSC, was held in San Antonio/Texas, USA. The WHFSC is the largest and most renowned group of internationally acknowledged martial art Grandmasters of the world.
  • I was nominated by GM Bram Frank and became a member of the council and of the board of the council with voting rights.
  • DAfter a theoretical and practical examination in front of a board of grandmasters, I was recognized as the founder of “Modern Arnis – DAV”.
    Furthermore, I received together with GM Graciella Casillas, the recognition as Grandmaster with the award: “Grandmaster of the year”.
  • Picture 72

    Picture 71

    Picture 73

  • During this trip I held 2 small 3 hours seminars in Roanoke and Richardson, both near Dallas, Texas.
  • Picture 70

    Picture 74

  • The Modern Arnis seminar in Moscow, this March 2009 was very successful. Despite of the critical economical situation, almost 30 russian Modern Arnis practitioners took part in the seminar.
    Additional, there was a team from the russian TV, who filmed at the semainar, to make a feature presentation of Modern Arnis in the russian TV. I also gave a 30 minutes Modern Arnis exhibition which was followed by a long interview.
  • Picture 67

    Picture 68

    Picture 69

  • During my 5th visit in Ekatarinburg/Russia in January 2009, we held the first Modern Arnis black belt grading in Russia. Alexander Pisarkin made his blackbelt during the last DAV-Modern Arnis summer camp in 2007 in Osterburg, Germany.
  • Alexanders Pisarkin’s three best students went for the grading:
    Konstantin Ostroushko, Alexey Samoylov und Evgeniy Budalin. All of them made an exceptional good examination and can wear their black belt, Lakan Isa, from now on with pride.
  • Picture 66

    Picture 66


  • On the 25th of July 2008, during the Gala night of the 4th FMA Festival in Iloilo on Panay, Philippies, I was promoted to the rank of
    Lakan Walo, 8th Dan Modern Arnis
    At the same time I was recognized as
    by the following commission:

    – GM Christino Vasquez, 9. Dan Modern Arnis
    – GM Rene Tongson, 8. Dan Modern Arnis
    – GM Rodel Dagooc, 8. Dan Modern Arnis
    – GM Jerry Dela Cruz, 8. Dan Modern Arnis
    – GM Samuel “Bambit” Dulay, 8. Dan Modern Arnis as well as
    – Senior Master Atty. Salvador Demaisip, Präsident der International Modern Arnis Federation, Philippines, IMAFP.

    In addition to that, I also received the Kampilan Award of the IMAFP.

  • Picture 58

    Picture 59

    Picture 60

    Picture 62

    Picture 61

  • The 4th FMA Festival on Boracay, Philippines. I was accompanied by 16 members of the DAV to form the german delegation. We trained for one week on the beach of this beautiful island with many different filipino FMA masters and grandmasters. We were 27 participants from 7 different nations. It was a very good camp in a phantastic setting. Besides well known Modern Arnis masters and Grandmasters a lot of Grandmasters of other styles taught during the camp. After October 2008 you can find more pictures and information about this camp on the DAV Website.
  • Picture 63

    Picture 64

    Picture 65

  • The first Modern Arnis seminar in Moscow, Russia. Almost 30 participants from 8 different cities came together to train Modern Arnis, one even came from Tomsk, Siberia, which is 4500 KM (3000 miles) east of Moscow, only for this seminar! We trained the basics of Modern Arnis even though many had already several years of FMA training behind them. Still, they liked the seminar a lot. Seminar comments from the partcipants will be published here soon. I was supported during this seminar by my students Christian Mück, 1st Dan Modern Arnis, Mönchengladbach and Peter Pfänder, 1st Klase Modern Arnis, Duisburg.
  • Picture 54

    Picture 55

    Picture 56

    Picture 57

  • The first Modern Arnis seminar in Dnepopetrowsk in the Ukraine. About 30 participants from 6 different cities, also from Belarus, trained very intensively the basics of Modern Arnis. I was assisted by my student Markus Kenkmann, 3rd Dan Modern Arnis, Gelsenkirchen.
  • Picture 51

    Picture 52

    Picture 52b

    Picture 53

  • My first seminar in Israel, in Tel Aviv. 30 participants took great interest in the Tapi-Tapi of Modern Arnis We trained outside in the park and had a lot of fun. I was assisted on this trip by my student Diana Keggenhoff, 1st. Dan Modern Arnis, Arnsberg.
  • Picture 48

    Picture 49

    Picture 50


  • Instructor of the first Modern Arnis Congress in Russia, together with GM Christino Vasquez and GM Rene Tongson. Almost 50 participants trained very intensively while outside were temperatures of -20° Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit).
  • Picture 45

    Picture 46

    Picture 47

  • Heading the 10th International Modern Arnis Summercamp that will be the 50 years of Modern Arnis anniversary seminar 1957 – 2007. In addition to the normal DAV summercamp instructors, we invited as special guests from the WBMA: GM Rene Tongson, Philippines, SM Dan Anderson and SM Bram Frank (both USA). with about 200 participants coming from 12 nations, this 10th DAV summercamp will be the largest Modern Arnis event ever held in Europe.
  • Picture 41

    Picture 42

    Picture 43

  • invited GM Jerry Dela Cruz to teach a semnar in Frankfurt. 14 DAV members passed the exam to 1st and 2. Dan Modern Arnis.
  • Picture 39

    Picture 40

  • Instructor of the first Modern Arnis week training Camp in Russia, along with GM Rene Tongson and SM Samuel “Bambit” Dulay.
  • Picture 37

    Picture 38


  • initiator, instructor and european coordinator for the Modern Arnis Remy Presas Memorial camp and the 3. FMA Festival to be held in June in the Philippines
    received the Lapu-Lapu award for his loyalty and dedication, as well as for the length of service rendered and his meaningful contribution in the upliftment of Modern Arnis.
  • Picture 35

  • co-founder of the Worldwide Brotherhood of Modern Arnis, WBMA, during the Modern Arnis Remy Presas Memorial camp.
  • Picture 36

  • Mentioned in the american list of the top 100 living Arnis masters on position 35.


  • Invitation to teach at the Modern Arnis Internatonal Summercamp in Brevard, NC, USA (together with SM Dan Anderson, MA Bram Frank, Datu Shishir Inocalla and others).
  • invitation to Yekatarinburg to teach the first Modern Arnis seminar ever held in Russia.
  • Picture 26

    Picture 27

  • heading the 9. International Modern Arnis Summercamp with Grandmaster Rodel Dagooc, 8. Dan as a special guest instructor (147 participants).
  • Picture 28

    Picture 29

  • invited Grandmaster Rene Tongson, 8. Dan to teach a seminar at the 20 year anniversay of the DAV in Dortmund (125 participants).
  • Picture 30

    Picture 31

    Picture 32

  • received the status of “Senior Master of Modern Arnis” as well as “Master of Classical Arnis” through GM Tongson, who also presented Datu Dieter Kn&üttel with his formal membership in advisory capacity to the Modern Arnis Council in the Philippines, the first honour ever accorded to a non-Filipino master.
  • received the highest DAV award for the spreading and teaching of Modern Arnis during the ast 25 years.


  • Co-organizer and instructor of the 2nd Filipino Martial Arts Festival in Dortmund/Germany. A seminar weekend with Gala, with 18 different FMA styles and 600 participants from more than 23 different countries. Acknowledged as the largest and most multi style FMA seminar worldwide up to now.
  • Picture 21b

    Picture 20

    Picture 21

  • co-organized the seminar for Senior Master Roland Dantes and Master Bambit Dulay in Germany (with 75 participants and 10 DAV students taking the grading for Lakan Isa and Lakan Dalawa)
    organized the first Seminar of Bram Frank in Germany, where Presas Bolo was taught.
  • Picture 22

    Picture 23

  • with the DAV we arranged 2 seminars with Senior Master Cristino Vasquez, 9. Dan in Frankfurt and in Dortmund.
  • Picture 24

    Picture 25


  • Nreceived 7. Dan Modern Arnis after training in Manila/Philippines from the “Board of the elders of Modern Arnis”: Cristino Vasquez, 9. Dan, IMAF (International Modern Arnis Federation) + MARPPIO (Modern Arnis Remy P. Presas International Organisation), Rene Tongson, 8. Dan (IMAF), Jerry de la Cruz, 8. Dan (Arnis Cruzada), Rodel Dagooc, 8. Dan, AAI (Arnis Association International), Vicente Sanchez, 8. Dan (Kali/Arnis Philippines) und Samuel Dulay, 7. Dan (IMAF-Secretary).
  • Picture 44

  • taught Modern Arnis during the 1st Modern Arnis symposium in Buffalo/New York.
  • Picture 19


  • initiator, co-organizer and instructor of the 1st European Filipino Martial Arts Festival in Mönchengladbach/Germany, a seminar weekend, with 18 different FMA styles and 450 participants from more than 10 different countries; acknowledged as the largest and most multi style FMA seminar worldwide up to now.
  • Picture 15

    Picture 16

  • organized Roland Dantes Modern Arnis seminars in Essen and Darmstadt/Germany; the seminar in Essen was for Modern Arnis brown- and black belts only and had 65 participants; 25 of my students passed the exam to 1., 2. and 3. Dan Modern Arnis under the eyes of Senior Master Roland Dantes.
  • Picture 17

  • received the appointment as the commissioner for Germany from Arnis Philippines (ARPI).


  • released the 3rd, 5 volume edition of a Modern Arnis instructional video series about the Modern Arnis grading syllabus in Germany in german and english.
  • visited Grandmaster Remy Presas during his last days in Victoria/Canada. He he died one day after I left.
  • I met again with GM Roland Dantes and Datu Kelly Worden during this trip.

  • released the Modern Arnis Tapi-Tapi video in German and English and as DVD in German.


  • demonstrated Modern Arnis with a large demo-team of the DAV during the Millennium-Budo-Gala in front of 12.000 spectators in Dortmund/Germany.


  • Grandmaster Remy Presas held Modern Arnis seminar in Frankfurt with 135 participants. 28 of my students passed the exam between the 1. and the 5. Dan Modern Arnis under the eyes of Grandmaster Remy Presas, Datu David Hoffman and Jeff Delaney (both/USA).
  • Picture 14

  • receiving a DAV award for the longtime effort in spreading Modern Arnis.


  • taught Modern Arnis on a seminar Tour in the US in Hartford/Conneticut, Philadelphia/Pennsylvania and Houston/Texas.


  • interviewed and accepted in the “Who is Who of Germany”.
  • participated together with Alfred Plath and Sunny Graff at the Remy Presas Modern Arnis summercamp at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusets/USA.


  • organized a Grandmaster Remy Presas Modern Arnis seminar in Kassel with 70 participants: 17 of my students passed the exam to 1., 2. or 3. Dan Modern Arnis under the eyes of Grandmaster Remy Presas.
  • received the 6. Dan Modern Arnis and the title DATU (of Modern Arnis) from Grandmaster Remy Presas as the 4. person worldwide and the only person in Europe.
  • Picture 13

  • Becoming the “Modern Arnis Representative for Europe” from GM Remy Presas.


  • released the 2nd, 5 volume edition of a Modern Arnis instructional video series about the Modern Arnis grading syllabus in Germany in German and English.
  • orgnized a Remy Presas seminar in Essen-Germany.
  • Picture 12

  • gave Modern Arnis seminars in Australia in Dubbo, Katoomba, Sydney and Grafton.
  • Picture 12b


  • associated the DAV with Grandmaster Remy A. Presas;

    taught Modern Arnis on a seminar tour in the US in Whichita/Kansas,Tacoma/Washington state and San Francisco/California.

  • Picture 11

  • organized a Grandmaster Remy Presas Modern Arnis seminar in Essen/Germany with 115 participants. 12 of my students passed the exam to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan Modern Arnis under the eyes of Grandmaster Remy Presas, Dr. Randi Shea and Al Garza (both Texas/USA).
  • received the confirmation of the 5. Dan Modern Arnis from Grandmaster Remy Presas.


  • released the first Arnis-based self-defence videos in Europe in German and English.
  • gave Modern Arnis exhibitions with my Modern Arnis demo-team during Budo-Galas in Rotterdam/Netherlands, Gothenburg/Sweden and Tromsö/Norway.
  • taught a Modern Arnis seminar in London/England and on a seminar tour in Australia.


  • gave Modern Arnis exhibitions with my Modern Arnis demo-team during Kick-Boxing events and Budo-Galas in different cities in Germany.


  • demonstrated Modern Arnis during the second major Budo-Gala in Germany (13.000 spectators). Also performed the opening demonstration.
  • Picture 9

  • organized the first of 4 Suro Mike Inay – Serrada & Kadena de Mano seminar in Germany over the next 10 years.
  • Picture 10

  • taught Modern Arnis to the Police in Spain.


  • organized a Dionisio Canete – Doce Pares seminar in Essen/Germany.
  • Picture 8


  • founded ABANICO Video Production to produce quality Martial Arts instructional videos in German and English. Published the 1st, 3 volume edition of a Modern Arnis instructional video series about the Modern Arnis grading syllabus in Germany in German and English.
  • Produced from 1989 to 2007 more than 95 full length Martial Arts instructional videos, with over 50 FMA related titles about Modern Arnis, Abaniko Tres Puntas, Palmstick, JKD and Kali, Doce Pares, Inayan Serrada, Kadena de Mano, Sinawali, Larga Mano, Rapid Arnis, Balisong, Kali Sikaran and self defence videos.
  • headed the 1st of from now on bi-annually Modern Arnis summercamps in Germany. 7 days of Modern Arnis teaching.
  • demonstrated Modern Arnis during the 2nd Budo-Gala in Germany (8000 spectators). Also performed the opening- and the end demonstration with my Modern Arnis group.
  • Picture 6

  • received, together with Chris Traish/Australia as the only 2 persons, the “Sultan Kudarat Award” by the IPMAF and Ernesto Presas “For his dedicated efforts and unselfish cooperation towards Arnis Unification in the Philippines and the World”.
  • Picture 7


  • graduated from the german sports university with the Master of Arts (MA) degree in sports science: The thesis was about the “Introduction of the Filipino Martial Art Modern Arnis with the support of a video production”.
  • demonstrated Modern Arnis during the 1st Budo-Gala in Germany (1000 spectators)


  • 3 months trainings trip to the Philippines to train with: Ernesto Presas, Roberto Presas, Roland Dantes, Christion Vasquez and Rene Tongson; Co-organized the First European-Philippine Training Camp with Ernesto Presas on Hundred Islands with participants from Germany, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland.
  • Picture 5

    Picture 5b


  • founding member of the German Arnis Association (Deutscher Arnis Verband, DAV), that has the aim of spreading Modern Arnis in Germany and Europe, elected Modern Arnis chief instructor for the DAV from 1985 since today the DAV is one of, if not even the largest FMA Association in Germany and Europe.
  • Picture 4

  • introduced Modern Arnis in different countries: teaching in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Australia.


  • introduced Modern Arnis to Denmark, taught Modern Arnis seminars there regulary twice a year for the next 8 years.
  • Picture 2

  • organized first 4 week seminar tour the Ernesto Presas to Germany to teach Modern Arnis in Germany. Many more seminar tours of Ernesto Presas that I organized and initiated followed in the later years, leading also to seminars in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
  • received the 5. Dan Modern Arnis from Ernesto Presas and the examiner´s license from him up to the 4. Dan.
  • Picture 3

  • in Essen we founded the first german Arnis club: Essener KSC Manila e.V..


  • staying for 3 month in the Philippines to train with the following masters:
    Ernesto Presas, Roberto Presas, Roland Dantes, Christion Vasquez, Rene Tongson, Rodel Dagooc, Tony Plotria, Pepito Robas, Freddie Alfaro, Mateo Estolloso, teacher from Rene Tongson
  • Picture 1b

  • Felimon “Momoy” Canete, Dionisio Canete and others briefly like Cacoy Canete and Edgar Sulite.
  • received the 5. Dan Modern Arnis from Roland Dantes, Rodel Dagooc and Willie Annang.
  • Picture 1b


  • passed the exam to 2. Dan in Arnis under J. Cui Brocka.
  • Started to study sport science at the german sports university, Cologne.


  • passed the exam of 1. Dan in Arnis under J. Cui Brocka as one of the first German to receive this degree and started to teach regulary 20 to 30 Modern Arnis weekend seminars a year all over Germany until today years.
  • Picture 1


  • taught the first Arnis seminar in Dubbo/NSW/Australia.


  • one year stay in Australia, appointed Shaolin Kung-Fu chief instructor for Australia by the International Kung Fu Association.


  • passing the first black belt exam in Kung Fu and beginning of the Arnis training with Jackson Cui Brocka (1980 Outstanding Filipino, overseas sports), student of Ernesto Presas and participated at the first open Arnis seminars in Germany.


  • starting the Judo training and in the following years with Karate, Kung Fu and Tai Chi.


  • born in Berlin, Germany.